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Welcome to OriginalNinjaCat.com

Business hours are 9:30a - 4:30p Eastern Time, Monday through Friday. I am not available on weekends or USA legal holidays.


Welcome to OriginalNinjaCat.com

The client's section is here to provide info to clients as to when I AM available, when I am not available, and general announcements effecting me or you or both.


Client's Section

The announcements, as follows. :D


While my internet is back (for those of you who read the blog, you know it was dead for four days) I still haven't received that new MacBook, so my computer is only working so/so. :P Please be patient with me while I deal with this. Ever since I got the internets working again, it doesn't seem to be that I'm getting so many people thinking I'm evil for not having internet, so I don't think too many of you are going to be impatient or rude from here on out. ;)

PAY YOUR BILLS. With all due respect, if I offer a payment plan, I do expect you to cover the cost of materials at the least, and if you have something like an outstanding debt of $10, you may as well cover it now. :P If I offered you a schedule and you're still paying on time, I'm not including you in this announcement. Just please pay me in a timely manner.


I'm going to be extending the deadline for the Questions You've Asked Me Contest I've been running, thanks to the internet issues mentioned above. :)


So, first off, thanks to everyone who has already applied for my QUESTIONS YOU'VE ASKED ME contest - some really great entries  this year! Please REMEMBER TO ASK EACH QUESTION ON A NEW ENTRY. Thank you.

Also, I was not in the office Sunday and Monday and will be in the office LATE TUESDAY, which may be somewhat inconvenient for a few people - I already had some frantic "Respond, it's been a whole 24 hours" emails, and...all due respect guys, give me at least the prescribed time (even if you don't understand my business days,) before engaging in that. :P Some of you seem to be under the impression I give grandiose instructions for spells, when I've given them to you 3 times already (after being told I didn't,) and they are generally things like  "Don't over-text this person" or "Don't fight with your target" or "apply for jobs." ;) If you ask me 10x for the same instructions and I've given them, this will slow the email queue, so please re-read my last 2 emails before saying I never instructed you on things. 9 times out of 10 (if not more), I re-read the thread, and I have. ;) I'd  like to get to everyone's inquiry expediently, which can be difficult when you have someone just sure that I am going to tell them to find a pegasus feather or something similar, lol, and in reality the insutrctions were given and were "Try to let this person contact you first, but if 2 weeks have passed, let me know." ;)

PLEASE DO NOT APPLY FOR WORK UNTIL YOU ARE READY TO PAY YOUR BILLS. I've been really lax on mis-used consultations in August just because my own schedule has been outside of business hours, but I won't continue with letting this go for much longer. :P

Which brings me to my final point....readings are not available until THURSDAY this week, but my schedule for spells is rapidly filling up. This means I won't have altar space in a few days if business keeps up. PLEASE LET ME KNOW SOON if you need something on the altar. :)


I'm actually impressed by the amount of people trying to get fired this week, but I'll chalk it up to Mercury retrograde making people saucy. Just as a reminder ALLOW FIVE BUSINESS DAYS (posted on the top of each page) for my reply. Please DO NOT continuously email reminders. It isn't helpful. Every Sunday (which IS NOT a business day) I check for the reply issue flaring up and RESEND emails I feel may not have been received. What can really eff up this system (believe it or not) is sending reminders. ;) See if you drop off suddenly during a conversation, I worry you didn't get a reply. :P If I see a long string of emails from you, I suspect the reverse is true. If I decide to keep going at this job OBVIOUSLY I will change hosts which will stop this issue. 


I am doing a TON of conjure on Monday. Please do not count this as a business day! :)

I am thinking of moving business hours to later in the day. Feel free to give me input. Basically right now my mornings are sucky. I am awake but have a lot of noise and distraction in the halls. While that doesn't impede me from typing anything, it isn't helpful for readings. 


I will not be in the office until late tonight. Please forgive any tardy replies. I expect to be back around 8pm EST. Sorry for any inconvenience. I expect tp be working late tonight, so hopefully I can get to everyone. :)

Still not sure if I'm going to keep with this job, but just to assure everyone - if you bought it (including pre-buys) it's yours. I will honor all purchases, regardless of outcome. I haven't set a decisive target date to retire if I do, so there is still plenty of time to make purchases, AND I will be working all my cases to the end. :)

And yes, I might stay on working for the public. A lot of the non-paying BS seems to have stopped, and some of the bad behaviors as well. I'll of course keep everyone in the loop. 




If you fail to recognize this, you will spend a long time waiting while others get their emails replied to, and yep, you could very well be fired. I'm really tired of being spammed. Really tired. Please have the emotional wherewithall to wait for my reply. It is not that hard to do. Yes, of course, if I've been tardy for a certain amount of days not counting days off or the ones where I was sick with the flu (which, if I'm being fair, was at least until Wednesday, August 9, since the fever broke around then,) and no, I am in no way trying to make you, in particular, (or, for that matter, anyone in particular,) feel badly....just stating the facts - then RESEND your email, but realize, if you and I are through as client/worker, I'm not shy, and I'll tell you. Spamming me won't encourage me to keep us as client and worker, though, it's just antagonistic. There are at least 45 other active clients not acting out while you are. 

Still plenty of room for rituals, please EMAIL ME if interested. The email issues should be no big deal. :P

Trying to get class restarted tonight. Please have some patience with me (if you don't.) I am also going to have to redo the mailing list so PLEASE have patience with me while I do. You've all been awesome! Thanks, class!!! :)


Hey everyone, I know my being sick last week made scheduling a nightmare. If you got your appointment bumped PLEASE CONTACT ME ASAP TO RESCHEDULE. I am happy to do any and all late readings and consults! 

PAY YOUR BILLS! In some cases I'm getting legal help for people who are incredibly delinquent on their payments. I will resend the invoices if you need me to. 


Well, at least I understand why I was so cranky last week, and yep, entirely from chasing people down and stuff, excluding maybe 2% of that crappy mood which was that I got the flu...in the summer. I was basically asleep with a fever for much of Sunday night (if I was being weird Saturday, that might also be why,) but I do apologize to anyone who spoke to me after 2-3p on Sunday (I was apparently coming down with a flu), and was totally feverish Monday all day. Woke up feeling better-ish today. I am very sorry if that effected your appointment/response. Why Sat/Sun are NEVER to be considered business days (they are my days off,) please nix on Monday counting as a business day, as well. Sorry for getting sick. If I find the person I caught this from, I am going to act like Liam Neeson in those Taken movies, lol. ;)

Thank you to those of you who paid your overdue bills. To those who haven't.....I hope you see my dirty look from here. 

Trying to pare down my active readings list so I can resume class (which yes, I'm over a week late, I suck,) so if you want to make an appointment, please be prepared for a 2-3 day wait between scheduling and talking. Sorry for any inconvenience. 

Just a word of advice to those who need it....contacting someone over frequently who has been standoffish is NEVER a good idea. If someone tells you "I need space," GIVE THEM SPACE. It's not always (or even nearly as common as people who panic seem to think,) a slam against you. Sometimes people need a day or two to breathe. Let them have it. 


The site may not move after all, and there's a very good reason...I've about hit my limit on bad behaviors, chasing people down over things like FORTY-FIVE DOLLARS THAT THEY HAVE OWED FOR OVER A MONTH, or any other myriad of things. I'm honestly thinking I may stop offering services after 13-14 years of offering services. I mean, I have someone who won't even fix a "banking error" and tells  me I'm mean for asking for this for like a month. I have people who can't wait FIVE BUSINESS DAYS for a reply on something and email me over and over and over and  over and over and over and over, resetting their wait on replies. My policies really haven't changed - if anything I've become more lax in more than one case and let people get away with behaviors that I would have fired them for years ago. 

I may stay in business, but it really comes down to this month. If things don't change FOR THE BETTER very soon, I'm going to close up shop. This is not a joke. I'm a far more patient person than I get credit for, and at this point, I'm about at the last bit of patience I have left. It won't mean I'll throw everyone out the door the moment I do close up shop (if I do,) but rather that I won't accept new clients after a certain time, and then will stick with the cases I have until they have all completed (which could be awhile - I will be here and helping and on your case until we're both satisfied that it's been taken care of.) 

If you want me to stay around, start by paying your bills, then follow site policy. Please kindly acknowledge business hours. Please understand if I miss an email, I'm not ignoring you and it's not a personal slam against you (some people get very fussy if I do not reply to something that is basically like "Thanks Cat, I understand." and nothing more.) 

If everything improves with these bad behaviors (and no, not everyone is behaving badly, of course, it's just rampant moreso than usual,) I will stay on, and we'll all be happier. It's amazing how much more delightful and verbose I am when I'm not dealing with people emailing me 14 times a day over a single post on social media, or having to chase down $15 because someone still hasn't paid me. ;) It's impressive how many more readings I can do when people follow directions. I miss those days. It feels like I've been dealing with some crazy BS for like a year now, though it's probably only been a month or two. :P