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Welcome to OriginalNinjaCat.com


One Year of Service is a plan which includes 15 one-week spellcasting packages, up to 3 readings per month (until a year passes or all 15 weeks are used up, whichever comes first,) and 3 spirit conjures. The cost is $2750, but the value, if purchased separately is is more than $6000 of spellwork (the readings aren't calculated in that number,) alone. MOST clients will need AT LEAST a year to use up this plan. If the purchaser DOES NOT use all of the spellwork in a 12 month period, the remaining work will be honored for up to one year past the one year purchase date. It's a huge savings.

Q: Why one year?

A: A lot of my clients are return clients and make frequent purchases for varied needs. This saves them a lot of money.

Q: How many people purchase this item?

A: It's been an "off the menu" item for about 3 years at this writing (October 2017,) and I would say it's not a huge percentage, but about 5-10% of my clients.

Q: Does the average person save $4000 or more?

A: Easily. 

Q: Can I pay in installments?

A: I allow it to be paid in 4-5 installments, yes, however I must know the client to feel comfortable to give too generous of a payment plan.

Q: What if it takes longer than 2 years to use up the work?

A: I have yet to have it happen, but assuming it was 1-2 more weeks left, I would be happy to carry it a few more months.

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